Move over,World cup, there is a new knockout style football tournament in town!

Gear up! Get your squad ready!

Come tiki taka your way to glory as you take on the top gamers in the state in picturesque European stadiums, on your way to winning unlimited riches and prizes.

Contact : Nandu +91 99464 21621
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First price Rs.3000, Second price Rs.1500 & Third price Rs.1000


1. Tournament will be knockout based.

2. Registration fee per person is Rs 100.

3. games will be Classic 1 vs. 1 in multiplayer mode.

4. Participants are allowed to change the necessary controls and check them.

5. The total number of rounds will be decided by the pa rticipation.

6. In case of a draw, the match is continued with the classic rule.

7. eams can be either clubs or countries acco rding to the user's will.

8. Qualifiers are classic 4 minute half time matches.

9. Final match will be made a best of three .

10. is a open competition for all ages irrespective of colleges or school

11. The event coordinators decision will be final regarding any issue.

Contact : Nandu +91 99464 21621
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